TT-THERMO 1500XC engine heater

TT-THERMO 1500XC engine heater

TT-THERMO 1000XC Engine heater

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The genuine and original TT-Thermo engine heater is suitable for almost all motor vehicles!

New generation hose heater with circulating water pump. Power 1000W

Externally more compact in size than previous Kld2 models
Our only model that is completely free to install in any position. No limited mounting angle or position
The resistors inside the heat exchanger are not directly in the liquid, so the resistors do not burn from the air bubbles in the system
Pump bearings reinforced and improved
Improved pump performance
All experiences of previous models have been taken into account in the design
Higher quality materials and components
Designed in Finland
Defa compatible connector
Hose outlet diameter 17mm
You can find the hose bends that may be needed for installation in our online store
Forget the inefficient engine heater!
Heater for 4-6 cyl. engines.

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